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Here Are Just Some Of The Many Options You Have

One of the great things about hiring an Ordained Wedding Officiant instead of a traditional minister, priest or rabbi, is that there is no established format or rigId religious tradition limiting the kind of wedding ceremony that I can perform.  The ceremony is tailor-made to suit your beliefs, lifestyle and personalities.  

It really is “All About You!”


While many people do not consider themselves religious in the traditional sense, they find special meaning in their connection to a sacred or divine entity or essence. I recognize that spirituality means different things to different people and together we will define what that means to you. I use beautiful inspirational words which are universal and not specific to any particular religion.


This ceremony will not include any prayers or blessings that are affiliated with any religious belief. Its focus is the meaningful relationship between the couple. This romantic declaration of your love solidifies the commitment you have to one another and your future together.


This ceremony consists of customary rituals. I include traditional prayers and blessings. You exchange rings and repeat long-established vows in a solemn and elegant ceremony.


If you come from different faiths or backgrounds, you will want an officiant who is able to respect your separate cultures and heritage and combine elements from each to create a very special and unique ceremony. I celebrate the background of each partner and I design a ceremony which will unify families. Your vows can create a feeling of warmth and inclusion that will bring your guests together in celebration of your union. Symbols which reflect your respective backgrounds can be included. Your ceremony can be religious or spiritual, civil or romantic.

Many Jewish clergy will not perform marriages between Jews and non-Jews. If one of you is Jewish and you want a Jewish wedding with all of the symbols and rituals accompanying this type of service I am happy to be your officiant of choice.


A religious ceremony means utilizing religious elements, rituals and customs in a traditional service specific to a particular religion.


Some couples want to have a creative and unique wedding experience. Your ceremony can reflect your individuality in fun and interesting ways. I have done everything from a 60's hippie ceremony to an Alice In Wonderland themed occasion. Just let me know what you have in mind and I will be happy to perform something imaginative that suits your style. Have some fun with your wedding! I would love to help you think outside the box.

Jae Weiss Farkas M.S., D.D.

Ordained Wedding Officiant
Phone 661.298.9100


For gay or lesbian couples I am the officiant who will bring meaning and joy to the transformation of your special relationship. Whether you choose a traditional or creative service, I will create a memorable and romantic ceremony to bless your union.